Sounds like fun!

Or maybe it doesn’t. Though to me it does sounds like a fun experiment: “Single and repeated air blast stress and brain histamine” didn’t yet read the article but did read the abstract.

Here it is:


From Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, January 1980

Brought to us from Canada by I. M. Mazurkiewicz-Kwilecki


Exposure of rats to air blasts for 1, 5 and 15 min resulted in a significant increase in plasma corticosterone level and in the hypothalamic histamine concentration. Midbrain histamine content was increased after 1 and 5 min of exposure but cortical histamine increased following 1 min of exposure only. Stress of longer duration (30 mins did not significantly affect histamine concentration in any of the three brain regions investigated, although plasma corticosterone level remained very significantly (14.5-fold) elevated. Repeated exposure of rats to air blasts of 15 min duration resulted in a significant elevation of hypothalamic histamine concentration while midbrain and cortical histamine was not significantly altered. Plasma corticosterone level was again very significantly (10-fold) increased. Present results suggest the involvement of brain histamine in the response to stress.

How did they think this up? A bit of rough weather outside, and then, “Hey, you know what would be fun to find out?” “If histamine levels alter when you endure air blows like that!”

“Yeah, let’s grab the rats and blast them with the aircannon!”

“And let’s measure the histamine content by sticking needles in their brain.”

“This is gonna be so exciting. Who wants to bet histamine levels get raised?”

“Oh and hey let’s check corticosteron levels as well!”

“Okay! Any bets on the corticosteron levels?”

I guess I need to go and read the article. Though it’s probably a lot less fun than my current interpretation and imaginary visuals, which are more fireworky than I’m able to write down. I don’t think I want to know the boring truth. I’ll let you know when I change my mind. 😉 Anyone interested in the true story though?

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