The meats comes down to only fresh, unprocessed, unsmoked, unaged, uneverything meat. Just pure and fresh meats, and be especially careful with seafood and pork.

Weirdly I’ve started to eat a lot of fish, I was told these are generally okay when frozen. So I stocked my freezer with loads of bags of frozen fish from the supermarket.  As with  chicken, I love how I can just throw it the oven with some herbs, or put them in the tajine.

Processed meats/Smoked meats llll l

  • sausage llll l
  • hotdog l
  • salami llll l
  • ham lllll
  • bratwurst l
  • bacon lll
  • smoked beef

Pork/Swine ll

Chicken liver ll

Chicken l

Mincemeat l

Left-over cooked meats ll

Vacuum packed meats ll (these are often several weeks old.)

Aged meats l

Smoked fish lllll l

  • Herring llll l(people come on, you don’t smoke herring you eat them raw with onions!!)
  • Anchovies lll
  • Sardines lllll
  • Mackerel llll

All fish llll

Shell fish llll

Tuna fish lll

Cat fish l

Salmon ll –  fresh <36h v

Skipjack l

Mahi Mahi l

Amberjack l

Bluefish l

Bonito l

Marlin l

And a list of most of the meats that are allowed, for variation, and amazement purposes I still never ate muskrat,  even though here in the Netherlands it’s a well known dish, but honestly I haven’t got  a clue where to find it. 😉

Calf meat v

Lamb meat v

Horse meat v

Sheep meat v

Goat meat v

Chicken turkey v

Dove v

Duck v

Ostrich v

Partridge v

Fowl v

Rabbit v

Hare v

Deer v

Muskrat v

Frog legs v

Tilapia v

Pangasius v

Herring v


List from Dutch nutritionist society.

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  1. I’m new to your site, but I find it very interesting, since I have histamine intolerance too.
    just a clarification, what do ‘l’ and ‘v’ stand for in the lists ?


  2. v is food you can eat. I is food you cant eat. The number of I is the number they are mentioned in list and websites

  3. Thanks for your information. It is so frustrating coming across all the contradictions even in medical research papers. This was really helpful. Thanks,

  4. Great blog, now I need some help, I suffered from high histamine for 5 years suffered terribly with weight loss, pain , food intolerance and diahrea, finally found the solution, took a old school anti histamine called ketofofin fumarate, feel so much better but have gained too much weight, still struggling to get back to my regular weight. I am not taking any antihistamines, following a low histamine diet but still gaining. Do I have to increase my histamine to lose weight, how do I find the balance again?

  5. What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this site, and paragraph is genuinely fruitful in support of
    me, keep up posting these articles or reviews.

  6. I am in the stage of histamine intolerance of “Oh my god I can’t eat anything” Your list of foods in categories and then intensity ratings
    is quite helpful. You R bookmarked!!!

  7. hello, please are You there. Clatra antihistamine tablets helped me a little i had inflamamtion and weight loss and what do You think? i thought it was allergy but i am histamine intoelrant, right?

    i ate fresh pork liver and immidiately itching, hives… is it beacuse of histamine of pork liver?

  8. the way how meat is handled is crucial. Avoid soft tissues and cuts of meats that are normally aged days before selling because too fibrous.

    I eat only turkey. I rinse it with ozonated water to breakdown amines in the outside. Avoid the skin and any part looking even remotrly smushy!.

    Leftovers are frozen just after cooling or consumed the next day (if I’m not in a high histamine period)

    You shoud make an article about Oxalates who provoke thr body to produce lot of histamines. I was eating tons of them. I actually ended selecting all most high oxalates food (without knowing) thinking they were the best alternatives.

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