The bread is rather easy, though may only seem as such, most bread contains yeast and some additives which should be avoided. I personally just added eating some more crackers, matze’s and rye bread, instead of stopping eating my favorite bread, which does contain some additives. Luckily I can handle it.

The mentioned no-no’s are the following:

Yeast containing bread/dough

Bleached flour

Commercially prepared baking mixes (often contain additives)

Be careful with any additives (colouring, flavoring, preservatives)

What is allowed are self prepared  breads, pastries and dough from allowed ingredients.

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  1. Soy Alberto.

    He sido diagnosticado de histaminosis, te agradezco todo lo publicado y los diversos enlaces, yo llevo con la dieta 2 meses he notado mejoria para dormir, por lo demas tengo muchos sitomas y espero que me pueda sanar.

    En mi Pais, España hay una clinica que te hace la analitica concreta para cada alimento, con lo cual siempre sabes los que a cada persona le pueden perjudicar, pienso que si no es asi nunca acertaras en retirar los que te pueden dañar.

    Supongo que este es la solucion ideal, conocer los alimentos y quitarlos de la dieta, en mi caso son leche, cerdo, pescado blanco y todas las harinas de cereales.

    Me gustaria mantener el contacto contigo.mi nombre es Alberto.

  2. Why do my ribs hurt I have Huntington disease and really bad pain from back.have scoliosis..degenerative disc disease.bad spasms everywhere..fibromyalgia..bad hips…I fell on ice..had my ribs X-Ray ed and I still hurt there

  3. I’m on Facebook a lot

  4. What is the difference between histamine rich and histamine producing, and should I avoid both?

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